Leica Captivate Education series – Experiencing beyond the software

The Leica Captivate Experience goes beyond the core elements of engaging software, precise hardware and trusted services. This concept
is putting the customer experience in the centre and building out from there. The entire Leica Captivate Experience is the impression the customer forms by working with us from the initial contact with a sales representative all the way through to maintaining the equipment in the field – it’s everything.

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What is Active Customer Care?
Active Customer Care is our commitment to provide a full circle of support and services to our customers around the globe. Our large and comprehensive service and support network allows us to stay close to our customers, working together to provide customised solutions and plan even better product solutions for the future.

What is your service offering to your customers?
We offer a number of services to our customers:
With our products we offer Customer Care Packages (CCPs) that allow customers to choose the support and services for their products that best suit their particular requirements and budgets.
As an additional service we offer the customer portal myWorld, where our customers easily get all information about their products.
In our Service Centers we offer technical services such as Maintenance, Repairs and Certification.
We also offer workflow related services, like the services SmartNet, Active Assist and Leica Exchange.

What are Customer Care Packages (CCPs) exactly?
Customer Care Packages are after sales contract packages that our customers can order for their products. Depending on the product the CCP can include Customer Support, Software Maintenance, Hardware Maintenance and Extended Warranty. For various different requirements and budgets a wide range of CCPs exists, from Basic to Gold, with different content and durations.
Our customers with a CCP profit from maintenance and warranty plans that ensure top equipment availability, trouble free usage and minimal downtime. Preferred hotline access keeps our customers productive by enabling them to obtain professional advice when needed.

What can customers do in myWorld?
In myWorld our customers can register and manage their fleet of products and can see all detailed information about their products, like for example the options available, the latest manuals, software or tools. Customers can also enter support requests and see the service history of their products in Leica Geosystems service centres.

What is SmartNet?
SmartNet is an integrated GNSS Network RTK and DGNSS service that uses the latest network soft-ware and hardware innovations from Leica Geosystems. With easy access to precise correction data, Network RTK users experience the best availability and reliability. Many professionals benefit from using SmartNet to efficiently complete their daily tasks, including Surveying, Engineering, Construc-tion, Agriculture, Machine Control, Utility Surveys, Archaeology, Monitoring, Police Accident Investigation.

What is Active Assist?
If the customer experiences a problem in the field a Leica Geosystems support engineer can
connect directly onto his field system to assist and solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Only one button press is required to activate Active Assist. Active Assist is available for Leica Captivate and Leica SmartWorx Viva.

What is Leica Exchange?
Leica Exchange is a very simple and integrated cloud data exchange service. Our customers can set up an unlimited number of users and then exchange files easily among their work colleagues – from field to office. Leica Exchange is conveniently embedded in the software Leica Captivate, Leica SmartWorx Viva and Leica Infinity. A free trial is available via myWorld for customers to check if this suits their requirements.

Is exchanging data with Leica Exchange secure?
To secure our customers’ data Leica Exchange is built using the latest security architecture to ensure the data is transferred with maximum security via the internet.

Please watch the two “how-to” videos below to learn how easy it is to transfer data via Leica Exchange.

And the second video:

Best regards,
Almut Felde
Product Manager After Sales

Almut Felde After Sales product manager at Leica Geosystems After Sales

Almut Felde
After Sales product manager at Leica Geosystems
After Sales

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