Leica ScanStation C10 reduces on-site time and brings more content for iRacing’s end customers

iRacing recently acquired a Leica Geosystems ScanStation C10 to speed up their production time in the field when laser scanning tracks. The ScanStation helped them to cut their working time when on the road by half expains iRacing’s Associate Producer, Kevin Iannarelli.


Greg Hill, iRacing’s vp of art and production expands on this by explaining how this frees up iRacing employees time so they can get back to the office sooner to work on their content, which in the long run results in iRacing’s end customers also receiving more content.


The compact size of the ScanStation also brings benefits to iRacing because they can place the equipment directly inside the vehicles to scan interiors, which they couldn’t do with their previous scanner due to it’s larger size.

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