A look at HxGN LIVE Geosystems Surveying & Infrastructure Sub-track

Surveying is vital in today’s modernised and globalised civilisation. With accurate measurements and current data, professionals like you are shaping our world. Explore the newest Hexagon Geosystems’ trends in modern surveying and capturing reality; let us guide you through the HxGN LIVE Zone and show the most innovative solutions for the Surveying & Infrastructure industry.

Here is an overview of what this sub-track has to offer this year:

Featured sessions

Digitalisation of the Site in the Building Construction Industry – Bernd Moeller – Business Director Field Software Solutions, Leica Geosystems

The building construction industry is moving towards digitalisation. Construction companies are facing various challenges in this regard. Leica Geosystems’ recent release of the iCON build v3.5 software for construction layout in early April 2017 has looked at a lot of contractors facing these challenges. This presentation will show that the newest app, the Layout Objects app, now has been tailored to make digitalisation on site become a reality.

Placing sloped concrete via surface layouts – Jeff Gerber – Head Surveyor, Clark Builders

Clark Builders were performing a parkade with area drains, and needed a way to place the fly tables to the proper slope and to place the concrete on the proper slope terrain. Using iCON Build we created a surface and shot everything with the Leica iCR52 total station. The slabs turned out beautiful, without the use of a dipstick!

Essential use of Leica MS50 combined with Viva and Captivate software in tunnel furnishing projects – Daria Zidic – Engineering surveyor, NCC Construction AS

In order to perform the on-field surface inspection of a ceiling area in a road tunnel that is to be shotcreted, to ensure that it is satisfyingly positioned in relation to the tunnel alignment, a solution from Leica Geosystems was used – Leica Geosystems MultiStation combined with CS20 running Captivate. Various stages of production have to be periodically scanned and inspected directly on site, so they can be remedied at once. We’ve used MS50 combined with Leica CS25 tablet running Amberg Tunnel software to achieve our goal. In both cases the main goal was keeping the time consumption as well as the costs at the minimum, while achieving the necessary accuracy.

Integrated Near Real time Monitoring – A Practical Example of Leica TM50 & GeoMoS – Philip Jonath – West Coast Pre Contracts Manager, Land Surveys

Land Surveys are engaged to provide Monitoring Survey Services on some of Australia’s major Transport Infrastructure and Building Construction projects including the Forrestfield Airport Link in Perth and the Collins Wharf project in Melbourne. The Forrestfield Airport Link Project is a AUD$1.86 billion State and Federally funded project to provide a new 8.5km rail link to the Easter Suburbs of Perth. It is the most extensive monitoring program ever implemented in Western Australia to ensure the highest quality of construction and safety, which requires critical structures and infrastructure to be monitored in near real time.


Along with best-of-class presentations and valuable networking opportunities, the Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track also includes product training sessions:

Putting Surveying Technology to Work – Four Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity (Hands-on Training for Leica LS10/15)

The evolution of ‘traditional’ surveying equipment continues to aid the professional surveyor so that he/she can collect information quicker and more efficiently than ever before. The challenge is knowing how to integrate all the varying sensors into a single workflow. The GS16 and MS60 can do more for your company than just simply collect data. In this lecture style class a demonstration of how the scan data from the Nova MultiStations can be used to improve safety, make more meaningful and informative decisions on important issues while with the new GS16 the user can measure in more places than ever before.

Level Data Processing with Leica LS and Infinity Software (Hands-on Training for Leica MS60 and GS16)

Instruments used by the professional surveyor continue to evolve with increased functionality capabilities. This even includes one of the most basic tools that surveyors use to establish elevations. With the new Leica LS10/15 digital level, more than just traditional level data can be recorded in the field. The LS has the ability to create images, show directions as well give the most precise data for the user. In this class the user will be able to import, edit and adjust the field data as well as give better reports that will be more meaningful for the end user.

GNSS Processing in Infinity (Hands-on Training)

When considering the world of GPS, one of the most critical is how well the post processing is executed. This is where Leica Infinity can help. Post processing GNSS data could is now easier, and more meaningful with the Leica Infinity Office software. In this hands on class the user will learn how to import, analyze, process the GNSS data as well as generate more meaningful reports at every stage of the process.

A major attraction at HxGN LIVE is The Zone, the conference’s technology expo showcasing innovating technologies. At The Zone, the Surveying and Engineering Island will feature solutions designed to Capture and Shape our Real World be it below ground, on ground or above ground. Solutions such as Leica Nova MS60, Leica Viva TS16, Leica Viva GS16, Leica Captivate and Leica iCON build Construction Software will be available for demonstration:

Leica Nova MS60 – The new experience in measuring technology: The Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation is the world’s first self-learning MultiStation, automatically and continuously adapting to any environment, despite any challenges. Scanning with the Leica Nova MS60 has been made simpler through the instant creation of point clouds with overlaid measured points and 3D models in one view. Visualisations are clearer and easier to see on an all-new 5” screen.

Leica Viva TS16 – World’s First Self-Learning Total Station: Automatically adjusting to any environmental conditions, the Leica Viva TS16 locks onto your, and only your, target. Regardless of how challenging the task or the amount of distractions in the field, this total station exceeds your expectations. Cover a wide range of applications when this total station sees precisely what you see. Known for the most comprehensive imaging capability available, you can capture exact conditions for any worksite through the self-learning capability of the Viva TS16.

Leica Viva GS16 – Self-Learning GNSS Smart Antenna: The Leica Viva GS16 is the most compact and powerful, self-learning GNSS smart antenna. Working with the leading RTK technology, the Viva GS16 meets the highest standards in measurement excellence with RTKplus and SmartLink. The growing number of signals from an ever increasing satellite constellation demands a GNSS receiver to be smarter than ever before. RTKplus intelligently adapts to changing conditions by selecting the optimal signals to deliver the most accurate positions. Work more efficiently and in more challenging environments than you’ve ever worked in before.

Leica Captivate – Industry-Revolutionising 3D Field Software: Leica Captivate is an industry-revolutionising field software for a variety of measurement instruments that turns complex data into the most realistic and workable 3D models. With easy-to-use apps and familiar touch technology, all forms of measured and design data can be viewed in all dimensions. Leica Captivate spans industries and applications with little more than a simple swipe, regardless of whether you work with GNSS, total stations or both.

Leica iCON build Construction Software: Leica iCON build software offers you an entirely new work experience. It is specifically designed for construction, helping you complete your various applications fast and easily. Improving your performance with intelligent software applications, workflow and an innovative software design, iCON build’s intuitive user interface provides you with highest accuracy and flexibility for your daily tasks on site.

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For more information about the Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track, contact Craig Hill at craig.hill@leica-geosystems.com.

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