Capturing Canterbury Cathedral: Leica ScanStation featured in LiDAR Magazine

Leica ScanStations are featured in a cultural heritage preservation story in LiDAR Magazine

An associate professor of art at Vassar College, Andrew Tallon, and his research assistant, Birte Fichter, share their story of capturing and preserving the Canterbury Cathedral in England in LiDAR Magazine.

Highlights include:

  • Using the Leica ScanStation P20, more than 5 billion points were collected in two and a half days
  • Visual Alignment in Leica Cyclone was used for registration with sufficient station-to-station overlap
  • Leica JetStream allows the user to move through a point cloud from a single point on the web
  • Discovering the building process of 12th century architects through section drawings in AutoCAD and Leica CloudWorx

To read the full story, click here.

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