Geosystems offers screensavers and wallpaper for 2017

The theme for the 2017 Geosystems Calendar is Digitalising Realities.

In today’s connected world, geospatial technology is touching every aspect of our lives. As we become more integrated through these innovations, businesses make great leaps in digitalising reality and finding opportunity in this disruption.

This transformation, though challenging, leads to greater prospects and better business practices in a new and connected ecosystem. By bringing parties together not previously linked with or within these businesses, our clients are shaping smart change and bridging the gap between digital and reality.

Explore how  some of our customers like you from around the world are putting their dimensional intelligence to strategic use in this  2017 Hexagon Geosystems Calendar. From using laser scanning solutions for reality capture to the newest LiDAR helping us better understand the world around us, digitalising reality is connecting and driving the geospatial industry forward.

Inspired by customer stories and new business initiatives, experience the beautiful photography in the 2017 Geosystems Calendar in your own screensavers and wallpapers. Download these photos now here.

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