Leica Nova: A year in review with Moritz Lauwiner

Vice President of Product Management for the Geomatics division at Leica Geosystems, Moritz Lauwiner, and Hexagon’s Online Marketing Manager, Kathleen McNeill, look back on the exciting year since Leica Geosystems’ Nova and MS50 were released. Moritz discusses the highlights of the world’s first and only multistation, which combines all significant measuring technology in one device, and the highly accurate and fast Nova total stations in this edition of HxGN TV, the online channel for Hexagon’s global network of brands. He also talks about today’s trends and challenges and why top user experience is key to the new generation of surveyors to remain competitive in this industry. Find out what customers can expect in the future from the latest developments in surveying technology. See interview

Kathleen MacNeill and Moritz Lauwiner look back on the year of Nova

Kathleen McNeill and Moritz Lauwiner look back on the year of Leica Nova


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