Leica Zeno Field and Office software – Learn more with these how-to videos

Leveraging the strength of cutting-edge technology becomes easier when workflows are seamlessly combined into one automated solution.  The simplified process of managing your data between field and office lets you get more done in your work day.

To help you benefit even more from the latest GIS solution, Leica Geosystems has created easy-to-understand training videos, providing you with everything you need to know to successfully manage your data in the field or back in the office. Today and in the next weeks, the Leica Zeno  videos will be shared on Leica Geosystems’ social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube videos.

Watch this group of recommended videos for Leica Zeno Office & Leica Zeno Field by clicking on the links below and don’t forget to look for the rest of the Leica Zeno training videos in the following weeks to come!

  1. Leica Zeno – Project workflow with Zeno Office and Zeno Field – Project generation in Zeno Office, export to your handheld device via EasyOut, data collection in Zeno Field, EasyIn back to Zeno Office & data review in the office
  2. Leica Zeno Field – Detailed tutorial video about Zeno Field functionality, including project creation in the field, data & attribute collection & editing existing features
  3. Leica Zeno – Guide on how to set up different types of real time correction services in Zeno Field and Zeno Connect on WEH
  4. Leica Zeno Office – Explanation of the survey data concept, automatic and manual Post Processing in detail, enabling an existing database for survey data & generation of domain attributes.
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