Leica Zeno Mobile software – Learn more with these how-to videos

With the new Android based Leica Zeno Mobile software, there is simplicity without limitations. Users will benefit from this software’s uncomplicated and intuitive design. Leica Zeno Mobile is so easy-to-use, it hardly requires any training, yet users to can complete complex tasks.

However, to help you benefit even more from the latest GIS solution, Leica Geosystems has created easy-to-understand how-to videos, providing you with everything you need to know to successfully collect & manage your data in the field.

Today and in the next weeks, the Leica Zeno videos will be shared on Leica Geosystems’ social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube videos.

Watch the first group of recommended videos “Leica Zeno Mobile educational videos” by clicking on the links below and make sure to look for the rest of the Leica Zeno training videos in the following weeks to come!

1. Leica Zeno Mobile – Getting started – first field job

2. Leica Zeno Mobile – Getting started – feature collection in detail

3. Leica Zeno Mobile – Getting started – multi-collect & data export

4. Zeno Mobile – What’s new September release 2015

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