The new Leica ScanStation generation has been released!

Leica Geosystems announces the release of its 8th generation of versatile, high performance laser scanners, the Leica ScanStations P16, P30 and P40.


Advances in LIDAR and imaging for these new, ultra-high-speed scanners let users take advantage of the productivity and safety benefits of laser scanning – or High-Definition Surveying (HDS™) – for even more types of sites, scenes and as-built projects. Three different models meet different user needs: ScanStation P16 is a short range, introductory model, while P30 and P40 add increasing, long range capabilities (to 270m) and advanced scanner controls for additional versatility.




Photo of the SS Great Britain


Model of the ship using the Leica ScanStation P40


With the popular ScanStation C10 and ScanStation P20 scanners as a reference point, the new family of scanners integrate the best-in-class features of those two scanners into a single scanner and then expand on them in two important areas: (1) the LIDAR system itself, and (2) the scanner’s built-in digital imaging system.
For more information on the  new ScanStations P16, P30 and P40, please click here


Model of the ship deck on the SS Great Britain


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