3 Key questions to ask your surveying technology provider before making a purchase

Whether you’re in the market for a new digital level, GNSS receiver, laser scanner or some other surveying tool, the rapidly changing technology landscape can seem daunting. How can you know which new capabilities are simply nice to have, which ones are necessary, and which are a waste of time? How can you get the quickest possible return on your investment?

Your technology provider should be able to assist you in the decision-making process. Ask the following basic questions to help you identify the best solution:

  1. How will this technology improve our workflow and operations?

Productivity-boosting technology should be easy to learn, easy to use and quick to add value. Ask your technology provider to walk you through the workflow and let you explore the instrument’s capabilities in real-world situations.

  1. How will this investment help our company grow and expand?

Even the most impressive capabilities are meaningless if they don’t improve the success of your business. Rely on your technology provider’s expertise to identify strategies for applying the technology to generate real results.

  1. What is involved in integrating this technology into our current operations, and will you assist us in this process?

Will you need additional software and supporting systems? Will you need to hire new people or acquire new skills to use the technology successfully? Challenge your technology provider to cover all the bases before you make your purchase so you can minimize surprises and maximize success.

Smart technology investments can help you win new clients and gain repeat business. Working with a technology provider who is both knowledgeable and supportive can make all the difference in mapping out a strategy that will provide you with dividends for years to come.

By Stuart MacDonald and James Bosworth

At Maine Technical Source based in Yarmouth, ME, Owner and President Stuart MacDonald (smacdonald@mainetechnical.com) and Sales Manager James Bosworth (jbosworth@mainetechnical.com) both derive great satisfaction from helping surveying, engineering and construction professionals improve their businesses through the successful integration of new technology and work methods. To learn more about innovative surveying solutions, visit www.mainetechnical.com.

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