3 Ways to Supercharge Your Reality Capture Workflow with Cyclone ENTERPRISE

Enabled by state-of-the-art hardware and software, reality capture solutions have transformed traditional measurement workflows. 3D laser scanners like the Leica BLK360, Leica RTC360 and mobile sensors like the Leica BLK2GO and Leica BLK2FLY empower a range of users to capture more data faster and easier than ever before, while software like Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 enables in-field processing with less technical expertise. These advancements have expanded what can be captured, where processing happens and who can perform tasks like pre-registration and initial visualisations.

Similarly, Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE transforms enterprise-level reality capture operations by supercharging what is possible downstream in the collaboration and delivery stages. Operating as a central source of truth, Cyclone ENTERPRISE allows users to collaborate effectively and progress workflows seamlessly from data preparation to delivery without compromising clarity or security, keeping things comprehensive, not confusing.

This blog, the second in our series, describes three ways you can use Cyclone ENTERPRISE to enable flexible, powerful workflows by creating the opportunity to store, manage and share reality capture data regardless of project size, point count or number of collaborators.

1. Streamline data storage and management even for the largest projects

Emerging laser scanning technologies are expanding what can be digitally captured and, correspondingly, the size and scope of reality capture projects. For example, the recently released BLK2FLY, an autonomous flying laser scanner, allows firms to capture colourised 3D point clouds of entire building exteriors, including facades and rooftops.

The ability to capture more comprehensive and unique data points provides a competitive advantage for 3D laser scanning service providers, but data capture is only the beginning. A powerful and centralised solution that streamlines data management and sharing is crucial to enable a workflow that incorporates new technologies at the enterprise-scale.

Cyclone ENTERPRISE features unlimited storage, point renderings and data sharing with JetStream technology and houses all data from upstream sources for use at different project stages. This means that no matter the size of the point cloud, Cyclone ENTERPRISE houses every point, every asset, every report and every markup so teams anywhere in the world can access and collaborate on a project.

Additionally, large captures are often part of complex projects including several stakeholders with varying access needs and responsibilities. Cyclone ENTERPRISE allows for access control at the per-data set level or group level to provide both scalability and control.

Through flexible licensing options, groups can be added to meet any level of complexity in data organisation. Within groups, Cyclone ENTPERISE offers robust security and user access customisation, ensuring that streamlined collaboration does not come at the cost of data integrity. Read our Cyclone ENTERPRISE Security Whitepaper to learn more about these features and additional best practices for enhanced data security.

2. Access and share reality capture data and deliverables across the workflow

Whether reality capture data is being used for plant engineering, as-built comparisons on construction sites, facility management or other large-scale projects, ensuring point clouds are easily accessible to collaborators and stakeholders across all project stages produces more efficient workflows.

Cyclone ENTERPRISE enables users to access projects rapidly with 3D data streaming in the office or field with Leica TruView and TruView LIVE, powered by JetStream. This combination makes data-rich point clouds accessible to any user with a modern browser, even on lower-specification tablets. Removing technology barriers to view streamed data and deliverables enables collaboration even with non-technical stakeholders. The TruView family of products are the perfect entry point for quick visualisation and markup. TruView LIVE can be run on a tablet so teams in the field can reference a previous project status or markup an as-built drawing to provide instructions to collaborators.

Cyclone ENTERPRISE also facilitates global file sharing – projects are instantly updated for all viewers when any changes are made to a project. This eliminates workflow disruptions from unsynchronised or out-of-date versions, allowing work to proceed at the pace it can be performed.

3. Collaborate and create using a centralised solution

Collaborating in interdisciplinary teams is a great way to enhance large-scale reality capture projects with a range of strengths and skill sets. But while breadth of backgrounds brings many benefits, varying experience levels with relevant software and incompatible formats can hinder workflow progress.

To empower these types of collaborations, Cyclone ENTERPRISE offers a user-friendly interface and global viewing access, providing a centralised solution that makes continuously synced data available and easy to use across products.

A central source of data is also important for deliverable creation. Cyclone ENTEPRISE plugs into over a dozen deliverable creation products, with the list consistently growing to meet enterprise-level needs. Interoperable data seamlessly bridges essential sharing and creation within the reality capture workflow.

For example, using the Leica CloudWorx for BricsCAD plugin, facility managers can load data from Cyclone ENTERPTISE, create 3D models of a large plant, easily and quickly adding asset data from piping and steel catalogues and generating floor levelness reports. These models can be loaded into the project via TrueView to be shared with and viewed by on-site personnel managing maintenance work concurrent with global engineering firms creating plans for renovations or expansions.

Integrating centrally managed data from Cyclone ENTEPRISE into Leica Cyclone 3DR also provides a streamlined process to create a range of deliverables. For instance, the facility project mentioned above, with plans created in CloudWorx for BricsCAD, can be used simultaneously in Cyclone 3DR to create a DTM aligned to the same User Coordinate System.

While we’ve summarised some of the security benefits of Cyclone ENTPERISE in the series so far, the next blog will take a closer look at how the platform uses flexible control options to provide firm security outcomes for your data.

To learn more about how Cyclone ENTERPRISE can bring these benefits to your business’ reality capture workflow, contact us for a demonstration or evaluation.

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