5 ways to increase accuracy and productivity using machine control on a job site

The quest for productivity is driving the demand for digitalisation across all user levels and the heavy construction industry is no exception. Machine control solutions leverage cloud and digitalised construction technologies with simpler and intuitive interfaces.

Machine control solutions improve the quality on a jobsite by simplifying, automating and connecting solutions, consequently reducing errors and saving time on site.  Leica Geosystems delivers an easy to use and intuitive hardware and software combination for heavy construction. As result of better performance, operators can deliver quality work in less downtime and enjoy their free time building quality moments with their friends and family.

To boost productivity and provide higher accuracy, with ease-of-use, Leica Geosystems offers a revolutionising one-for-all 3D machine control software platform to automatically guide and control all heavy construction machines on site – the Leica MC1. The new software eases data handling and is open to all standard data types, enabling a flexible dataflow to support all workflows on a job site. It is carried by the rugged new hardware platform – the Leica MCP80 panel and MDS Series docking station, ensuring an interchangeable panel between machines on a job site. The new platform is fully supported by digital collaboration software tools, such as the cloud-based Leica ConX.

Ted Bylund, owner and excavator operator at Mark Design Uppsala AB, has used Leica Geosystems’ machine control solution for several years. Bylund shares his onsite experience using MC1 3D machine control software and gives five tips to improve accuracy and productivity while providing flexibility and confidence to operators on large construction sites:

  1. Build in an automated way according to the plans

Operators need to position the machine and carry out the work according to the plan. Thanks to GNSS and angle sensors, MC1 software compares the design model to the actual location of the machine’s cutting edge, such as the bucket or blade edge and calculates the accurate position of the bucket, simplifying design data. Using a design file, operators and surveyors can easily see on the MCP80 panel what has been done and what still needs to be performed in the field. The software also takes over time-consuming tasks, such as automating the bucket slope and rotation, so operators can perform faster and more accurate. Therefore, the 3D machine control solution enables to build on time and on specification, even for the most complex trench.

“Before using machine control, I was just giving a guess of the exact position for digging and placing a pipe in the right place. Now, that I have a 3D map model, I can follow the work live inside the cabin and check precisely what needs to be done,” said Bylund.

  1. Collaborate digitally

Personnel and machines on the job site need to share the same data and stay in sync with changes so work can be completed on time, on budget and to specification. ConX is an open and user-friendly data handling platform that increases collaboration control operations by:

  • Integrating and automating workflows
  • Permitting remote control of connected machines
  • Enabling real-time data exchange from the office to the field and back.

ConX allows users to share and visualise positioning, reference model and constructed data. Field and machine control solutions connected to ConX can remotely receive and share information and access the web interface for visualising the data anywhere with internet access.

  1. Have technical support at hand

Today’s construction industry is characterised by shorter building cycles, shrinking budgets and growing expectations. Effective remote support and a local technical service team are, therefore, crucial when a system stops running.

ConX also allows Leica Geosystems support team to remotely log into the panel to see if the system of your machine needs data correction. Within a few minutes, operators are informed to fix the matter. If the software breaks, local technical support can quickly reach the site and solve the problem.

“I am confident to call the remote support for any needs. For example, if the connection to the bucket is lost, I call the support and within few minutes they will log into the panel and help me to find a solution to the problem. I trust Leica Geosystems fixes all tricky matters,” said Bylund.

  1. Avoid rework

Machine control 3D systems allow operators to work with high-precision GNSS and monitor the position of the machine. Consequently, operators save time spent checking and re-checking depth and slope accuracy, which frees up surveyors to do other work. This automatisation increases productivity, efficiency on site and saves costs. In addition, operators avoid wasting time with over-digging or reworking, as the work progress is monitored and controlled in real time.

“Now that I have a 3D map model, I can have an overview of the whole workflow and the Leica MC1 software quickly adjusts the right angle of the bucket for me. In addition, performing the right accuracy and having the correct position, supported by the GNSS, the Leica MC1 solution helps me to keep the workflow consistent with no need of re-doing and less self-checking. For these reasons, I am more independent and I can be more precise,” explained Bylund.

  1. Turn apprentices into experts

Machine control solutions empower operators and increase their digital expertise, without worrying about making errors. Intuitive 3D graphical interfaces with custom-centred design supports the operators to be more confident to accomplish their tasks, which consequently boost performance. Thanks to the advanced technology of ConX, data is automatically transferred to MC1, placed inside the excavator and then directly to the computer in the office. This solution speeds up the workflow the self-reviewing and the information flow shared with surveyors.

“You always know what you are doing, because you have all the information with you. In this way, I can also see when problems are about to occur and prevent them in advance,” said Bylund.


Learn more about the solutions that can help you #BuildQualityTime and finish construction projects faster, safer, and with lower costs, higher accuracy and more efficient use of resources.


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