6 reasons you should use laser scanning to capture power and plant stations

Where access is restricted and areas are unsafe, laser scanning is the best solution to capture with detailed precision the as-built data from a safe distance. Unlike conventional methods, that capture specific individual points one at the time, laser scanning captures millions of points per second with rich details of the entire scene, just like a camera taking a 360-degree photo, but with an accurate position for every pixel.

Power plant stations need the latest maintenance, safety and documentation to ensure the generation of electric power. Given their importance, power stations, nor the users dependant on their energy supply, can afford delays or malfunctions.

Laser scanning is a great tool to faster document the as-built conditions for any environment helping to manage existing systems during the design, construction and maintenance cycles. Plant documentation of the existing structures using 3D models enables engineers and surveyors to:

  1. Create valuable models for planning, fabrication, and clash detection when integrating new equipment
  2. Minimize plant maintenance and field work rework and delays
  3. Find equipment failures or malfunctions
  4. Guarantee installations comply with safety regulations reducing risks and costs
  5. Recognise breakdowns to support insurance claims
  6. Plan more efficient plant layouts with verified measurements for maintenance or virtual fit ups

Digitalisation approaches are the key to drive effective transformation in the power plant by aligning people, processes and technology. The 2D drawings, 3D solid models, volume calculations. measurements and videos, as well as many other assets laser scanning can deliver, provide an accurate smooth map of any power and plant environment.

Power plant laser scan

Interested in learning more about how laser scanning can support power and plant environments? See how Indonesia Power, Digiscript Philippines, Inc., a leading service provider for 3D digital reality capture solutions, helped the electric power company PT. Indonesia Power to visualise, measure and manage the built-in environment of the two generator units in 3D. Read the case study and watch the video below to find out how the company produced as-built drawings and 3D solid models of the stator and rotor of the generator using a Leica Geosystems 3D ScanStation and Leica Cyclone Processing Software in just 20 days.



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