Digital Layout Cuts Project Time in Half for Concrete Contractor

For Sobcon Concrete, Inc., a full-service concrete contractor with clients all over Alabama, typical commercial projects once started with strings, tape measures, caulk lines and batter boards. “Our main work is forming and pouring concrete for foundations, retaining walls, columns and elevated slabs,” said Josh Hollingshead, Sobcon’s head project engineer. “Our crews do all of their own layout.”

These layouts – most of which are for major commercial projects – can take days to measure and process and are subject to human error and inaccuracies that can potentially cause expensive rework and delays. “Before, we would at least need the building corners set at a jobsite for us to even begin working. Then we would set the boards and start pulling distances with a tape measure and string,” said Hollingshead. “As our projects started getting bigger and covering larger areas, walking back and forth to pull those lines was becoming very time consuming, and the farther you are stretching the strings, the less accurate your measurements become.”

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