Faster safer and more efficient inspections using AibotX6 UAV live-line

Alpiq EnerTrans AG in Switzerland, uses a remote-controlled hexacopter to carry out inspections of live overhead power lines.
Previously the grid control centre needed to switch off the power line for an inspector to climb the towers and carry out detailed checks. This process required a lot of planning, coordination and frequent shut-downs.
With the AibotX6 UAV, Alpiq EnerTrans AG conducts live-line inspections. Each inspection, anomaly or damage is documented with high resolution digital images.
Inspections with UAV are faster, more efficient and safer than traditional inspections even in difficult terrain. Thanks to the professional skills and extensive overhead line maintenance experience of the pilot and the co-pilot, the inspection of each tower can be performed in about 10 minutes.
The AibotX6 is always ready for use and allows efficient and cost-effective inspections in any weather condition.

Watch the video on the Aibot X6 Power Line Inspection for ALPIQ here

For more information on Aibotix, please go here.


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