Fit for Purpose – What is a Web Feature Service Transactional?

Following our commitment to deliver integrated and simple solutions to our users, the Asset Collection & Management team at Leica Geosystems has released a new version of Leica Zeno Mobile, which includes the support of Web Feature Services. The clear winner here is the workflow between the field and the office that greatly improves the efficiency and delivery of projects.

But let’s take a step back and start from the beginning…

Leica GG04 Plus with Leica Zeno Mobile Software

What are Web Feature Services?

A Web Feature Service (WFS) is an interface standard from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). It allows requests for geographic features through the internet. Just like Web Mapping Services (WMS) provide tiled image mapping on demand (think of the background mapping in Google Maps), WFS provides a similar service for feature layers. This includes geographic information (points, lines & polygons) and the descriptive information (attributes). When a WFS is set up, users can remotely connect and query information stored in the server.

But wait, there is more.

WFS can be Transactional (WFS-T). When transactions are enabled, users can edit information and synchronise with the server through the internet. In a sense, it’s an over-the-cloud workflow. And this is where things get interesting. Once a WFS-T server is set up, multiple users – both in the office and the field – can access a flow of up-to-date information that is almost instantaneous.

WFS-t Server

How can you benefit from WFS-Ts?

Data collected in the field becomes synchronised and readily available to the office workforce, visualising, analysing and sharing data recently captured in the field. At the same time, feedback from the office to the field can be delivered promptly, saving lots of time in revisits and extra surveys. This really increases efficiency and collaboration within teams and organisation but also between third parties.

The WFS-T interface is a standard empowers different software and applications to benefit from it and interoperate. Leica Zeno Mobile is now capable of synchronising with both WFS and WFS-T servers. Will you benefit from it?

How to use WFS in Zeno Mobile.

We have prepared a video tutorial so you can easily learn how to use WFS-T servers with Zeno Mobile. Have a look!

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