HDS Today: A Twitter Chat recap

Paul Burrows, Leica Geosystems EMEA business manager for HDS

Paul Burrows, Leica Geosystems EMEA business manager for HDS

The following is a recap of Leica Geosystems’ inaugural Twitter Chat HDS Today: A Twitter Chat with Paul Burrows from 22 February 

Did you miss our first Twitter Chat 22 February? We’ve got you covered.

Paul Burrows, Leica Geosystems Europe, Middle East, Africa business manager for High Definition Surveying (HDS), discussed 3D laser scanning and how it helped businesses while taking questions from those who used #HDSchat to follow along. Here’s a recap of what was shared.

Professional use of 3D laser scanning

Burrows started the chat by explaining how professionals use laser scanning or HDS technology as a way to capture the world around them in 3D easily, quickly and cost effectively. Professionals can leverage an accurate as-built generated from HDS to help facility managers, pulling from reality instead of just design.

They can also use laser scanning to reduce project execution risk, especially in difficult renovation projects.

asked what the main difference was between a point cloud and normal points in surveying. Burrows explained whereas a total station typically measures single points, laser scanning measures millions of points per second.The follower also asked what the main output was from laser scanning. Burrows replied a point cloud could be inputted into various software packages to create deliverables, such as 3D models, meshes and line drawings, was the most common deliverable. Finally, the follower wanted to know if he could use the millions of points in CAD or other design software, which Burrows ensured him he could. In fact, Leica CloudWorx plugins work with AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit and Bentley Systems Microstation.

asked how users with clients without high-end PCs or software could access the laser scanning data. Burrows recommended using Leica TruView Global for collaboration as it is platform agnostic and works across many different devices. The software works well on tablets and mobiles, too.

HDSTwitterChatA growing laser scanning market

Burrows was especially excited to the see the adoption of laser scanning growing so rapidly over the past few years. He commented on how Leica Geosystems customers are expanding quickly into new markets, such as interior fitout and forensics. He pointed out how IMS Map360 has seen great traction with law enforcement.

“What is really interesting to me is the merging of data from different sensor technology to create the best deliverables,” said Burrows. “I think we will see an increasing use of imagery-based products in conjunction with laser scanning data.”

Laser scanning in BIM

In regards to Building Information Modelling, Burrows explained how Leica Geosystems laser scanning software, like Leica  JetStream, is growing in popularity and use in this segment. With Leica JetStream providing the fastest way to view data in a range of CAD applications, it offers centralised storage for large laser scanning projects.

wanted to know how laser scanning could be used in nuclear engineering. Burrows explained how laser scanning provided accurate surveying in high-risk areas remotely, keeping employees out of harm’s way. HDS also gives engineers the ability to monitor the status of high-value assets on a normal basis.

The future of laser scanning

Burrows sees nothing but growth and even more rapid adoption of laser scanning in the future.

asked about new features in Leica Geosystems latest ScanStations. Burrows reported new traverse tools and reporting plus increased field of view in the Leica P30 and P40 ScanStations.

wanted to know what was in store for Leica Cyclone Register. Burrows said there were lots of exciting developments coming with a main aim in faster and more accurate auto align tools.

“Where the creation of digital realities will get even faster, we must help customers by providing the fastest backend possible,” concluded Burrows.


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