How Millennials are increasing safety by embracing technology

There are potential dangers in any construction site. Unfortunately, accidents in construction sites are too common. According to the United States Department of Labor, the fatal injury rate is higher for the construction industry than the national average in this category for all industries.

Nationwide Insurance’s fourth annual business survey uncovered substantial investment in technology by small business owners, aimed mainly at keeping workplaces safer. This increased adoption of safety-oriented technology is being driven largely by millennials comfort with technology:

“The rate at which millennial’s are using connected technology is more than double the average business owner, which is at 32 per cent. According to Nationwide, a Fortune 100 insurance and financial company, this demographic is using the technologies to ensure and improve the safety of their workforce. For small business owners using connected technologies, new levels of efficiency in cost savings, regulatory compliances and a more accountable and safe working environment have been seen.”

Four main areas of investment stood out in the annual business survey:

  1. Sensors
  2. Wearables
  3. UAVs/ drones
  4. Vehicle telematics.

Seen in this light, investments in advanced data gathering technology make perfect sense, even apart from conventional business reasons. Employers and workers need to create a safe work environment and take an active role in mitigating hazards. A safer workplace is usually more profitable. Hexagon Geosystems provides smart software and hardware solutions that improve safety by increasing collaboration on site. These solutions also help operators to improve workflows and remove handicaps by automating processes.

Millennials are quickly adopting these digital solutions and are comfortable with changing innovation. One such construction site where this digital transformation among the younger generation is on full display is the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in the United Kingdom. An enormous project, the construction represents an investment of around 19.6 billion British pounds.

Watch as Andrew Hurley, Hexagon’s Geosystems Division global commercial director, discusses just how the next generation of surveying and geospatial professionals at Hinkley Point C are working with the latest total stationsGNSSmobile mappingUAV and laser scanning solutions.


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