How to improve your field crew’s productivity on industrial plant sites

For field technicians working on industrial plant sites, efficiency is everything. Faced with harsh working conditions and challenging time pressures, any solution that boosts productivity without compromising on accuracy is essential. However, when detailed documentation of the complete environment is needed – for example, to plan a retrofit project or an extensive system upgrade – how can high-quality data be captured while minimising the time spent on complex sites?

The Leica RTC360  is a 3D reality-capture solution that enables users to measure and document their environments 3D in a fast, agile and precise way. Combining laser scanning with photogrammetry in a single device, this ground-breaking solution helps field crews to:

  • Measure entire environments in millimetric detail with unprecedented speed
  • Scan and capture hard-to-reach areas with its portable design
  • Minimise time spent on inhospitable plant sites
  • Maximise productivity in the field and reduce the number of site revisits

With the RTC360, you can obtain comprehensive and up-to-date as-built documentation with high efficiency, then work with the rich data from the comfort of your office.

Tip 1: Make sure your teams are empowered with advanced technology

Speed and productivity go hand-in-hand and the RTC360 makes 3D reality capture faster than ever before. It measures at a rate of 2 million points per second including High-Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, creating coloured 3D point clouds in under two minutes – a complete full-dome scan at the touch of a button.

This innovative product contains a pioneering Visual Inertial System (VIS), which is based on an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), five cameras and clever algorithms. Combined in one unit, these track the device position from one scan to the next, automatically coordinating the scanner position and linking scans – further reducing time spent in the field. This advanced technology takes away the complex challenges that field crews normally face with scanning and registration, quickening workflows and reducing the amount of post-processing time in the office.

The RTC360 3D reality capture solution combines a high-performance 3D laser scanner with the Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 mobile-device app for enhanced productivity in the field. Cyclone FIELD 360 is the link between 3D data acquisition in the field and post-processing activity in the office, empowering users with features that make their work faster, easier and more flexible.

With Cyclone FIELD 360, field crews can automatically capture, pre-register and examine scan data in the field. This powerful app truly represents reality capture in the palm of your hand:

  • Users can choose which device they use on-site, whether it’s their smartphone, tablet computer or both – whichever provides them greater productivity
  • Productivity is further boosted by remote-control capability, and field crews can see exactly how long scans will take on their mobile-device screens
  • Other features help them make better-informed decisions on-site, such as Intensity Colouring for enhanced rendering of detail, and expanded Setup options for greater efficiency

Tip 2: Aim for high safety and maximum productivity

Engineers aim to spend the minimum amount of time in harsh plant environments, and 3D laser scanning is the optimum way to gather accurate, comprehensive documentation within narrow timeframes. Furthermore, teams can complete the documentation from secure locations, eliminating the need for scaffolding, manlifts and rappelling equipment. With the RTC360, your field crews are able to capture higher-quality information more quickly compared to traditional documentation methods; crucially, they also benefit from increased safety.

A complete 3D model of your site created by the RTC360 can be used to organise the project off-site, highlight danger areas and pre-plan plant navigation – all of which maximises productivity. With its compact, lightweight design, the RTC360 can simply be stored in your backpack, ready to be taken anywhere.

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