Improve customer satisfaction by managing utility outages quickly and efficiently

I have spoken in my previous blogs about the challenges facing utility organisations concerning managing a network of legacy assets.

The information you have on an asset’s location may be inaccurate, or the asset could be missing altogether. In these instances, when it comes to repairing a damaged asset, it can take workers longer to determine its exact location, increasing the customer’s amount of downtime.

Delays to repairs can cause negative customer experiences, which can damage a company’s reputation and, in some cases, result in the loss of the customer to another provider.

How you respond to an outage is critical for retaining and gaining new customers in a competitive market.

Forthcoming liberalisation in the Swiss energy market presents an opportunity for utility providers in Switzerland to gain a competitive advantage through customer satisfaction. Regulators, including the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and EICom, have a responsibility to monitor supply, price, and safety standards, all of which impact customer satisfaction.

To improve customer satisfaction, utility organisations replace traditional recording methods, locating, and measuring assets with digital tools for precision. An accurate digital record enables workers to identify the asset location and speed up the response time to repair, ensuring the outage is managed and short-lived.

Find out more about improving customer satisfaction in the white paper ‘Shape the future: Achieve a digital utility network’.

Andre Fischer

Regional Sales Manager

Leica Geosystems AG

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