Leica Geosystems offers screensavers and wallpaper for 2015

Leica Geosystems offers screensavers and wallpaper for 2015

In movement there is life and change is the law of life. Being constantly on the move – not just physically, but also intellectually – lets us discover new ideas that will affect how the future will be.

Using the opportunities that are available to Leica Geosystems by being a part of the Hexagon brand network, we have been able to adapt, combine and create innovations and technologies into new solutions and are able to move our customers in new ways, providing forward-thinking answers to the questions of an ever-changing world of data acquisition and processing. Leica Geosystems’ aim is to provide you with the means; with products, software and services that enable you to explore new directions – virtual realities, future-thinkingapplications, connectivity – and consequently to bring you answers that were previously unimaginable.

Being on the move brings a momentum to all of our lives. The means are there –it is up to us to find them, embrace them and bring them to life. Momentum will make the future happen.

We love our customers’ photos, and now we’re sharing the love.

Taken from user-submitted photos of Leica Geosystems products and solutions in the field, our 2015 calendar was produced from these photographic feats.

If you want your own copies of these wonderful pictures, download our screensaver and wallpaper.

Don’t forget to share your own photos on our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn channels, and we may just include yours in the 2016 calendar.

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