Meet the pro behind the HxGN LIVE Machine Control & Construction sub-track

The construction industry is living in exciting times with new technologies making the jobs of builders, contractors, transportation specialists and other construction professionals quicker and more efficient. The HxGN LIVE Geosystems Machine Control & Construction sub-track is primed to meet the changing needs of the industry and help professionals face new challenges.

Steering the event, the pro coordinating this sub-track ensures a program that attendees will not soon forget.

Presenting the pro

Meet the pro behind the HxGN LIVE Machine Control & Construction sub-trackJohan Arnberg, president of Machine Control Division, is celebrating his third year as sub-track owner. He oversees all aspects from securing and scheduling speakers to setting up of the external and internal “Zones” where attendees can see everything discussed in the speaker session in real life.

“I believe this year’s conference is going to be the culmination of the previous two years’ experience resulting in a fabulous event for all involved in Machine Control,” said Arnberg. “With the range and competence of the speaker line up this year being a quantum leap ahead, attendees are going to encounter methodologies they can implement immediately leading to higher profit and increased competitive advantage – who would miss that opportunity?”

In an exclusive Q&A session, Arnberg shared what attendees in the sub-track can expect.

1) What is the Machine Control sub-track about?

This sub-track is “from the real world” with a wide range of presentations from contractors, data manipulation and communication specialists, departments of transport and equipment producers, all of whom have fully embraced all that Leica Geosystems solutions have to offer.  All of these people have only done this because they fervently believe that doing so has brought them to the pinnacle of their field and drives advantage in:

  • Earthworks
  • Roadbuilding
  • Construction equipment fleet management
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Integration into whole life modelling of infrastructure projects
  • As-built surveys, volume calculation and clash-detection

2) What is the key takeaway for attendees ?

They will leave even more capable of addressing the challenges facing them in their survival in an ever-more competitive landscape (i.e., how to thrive while others are “losing their shirt”). We operate in one of the toughest work environments on the planet and the successful growth of this whole sector is in the interest of every person on Earth – leaving our sessions they will be able to participate fully and profitably in that goal.

3) Who should sign up for the Machine Control sub-track and why?

Everyone – construction project clients, department of transport officials, technicians involved in construction, contractors struggling with how to compete, design engineers, quantity surveyors – everyone   from the geospatial industry who is open to experiencing new and innovative solutions. They will be able to question and probe other real-world, industry-leading professionals from across the construction spectrum, resulting in them leaving with entirely new, actionable ways of improving nearly every aspect of their workplace.

4) How will this sub-track prepare professionals for the ever-evolving work environment?

3D Machine Control linked with the increasing drive from the clients to create and construct ever more complex projects with diminishing financial, temporal and material resources for the public good is the only way to keep your company “in play” – that’s why professionals worldwide are flocking to take on-board Leica Geosystems solutions. The attendees will leave our sessions fully prepared to maximise their advantage in a challenging world.

5) What one word best describes this sub-track? Please explain.

Enthralling! They will not find a more enthusiastic and passionate group of global experts gathered in one place to assist them in reaching the performance levels they require to win the bid and bring repeat business from their clients.  They will be so enthralled that they won’t want to leave any of the sessions.

6) Any last comments?

Be there! There is every reason everyone can return to their workplace with the ability to perform their work more accurately, more effectively and with higher quality.  Join us and you indeed will.


For more information about the Geosystems Machine Control & Construction sub-track, email Johan Arnberg at

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