New Leica CS35 field tablet: Performance update and improved usability under rainy conditions

Leica Geosystems introduces a new version of the CS35 field tablet with improved performance. With the new Leica GDZ76 Digitizer Pen, the tablet’s usability under rainy conditions has improved clearly. Danuta Kusber is the product manager for field controllers. In this interview, she tells us more about the new model.

Q1 – Danuta, can you renew our knowledge about the CS35 and its application?

The Leica CS35 field tablet is a control unit for total stations and GNSS antennas. It runs with our most advanced field software Leica Captivate and works among others with the following devices:

With its large 10.1’’ display, the CS35 provides the perfect platform to benefit from Captivate’s 3D capabilities in the field. The Microsoft Windows operating system allows to use the controller as a computer with additional PC applications on site.

Q2 – What are the improvements coming along with the new revision model?

The external appearance of the new CS35 did not change – it looks the same as the popular previous model. Most improvements were initiated by customer feedbacks. I would like to point out the following six:

  • With its high speed 4G LTE technology the CS35 provides maximum data transfer speed in the field.
  • The updated version is offered with the new waterproof Digitizer Pen GDZ76. The completely new pen is IP55 proven and works perfectly under rainy conditions with a wet display.
  • The revision model is delivered with Windows10 Pro. Leica Captivate is fully compatible and tested on this version.
  • The new version has a stronger processor and a doubled 8 GB RAM memory, ideal for large jobs and 3D data.
  • The updated camera module got a new rear camera with an image resolution of 8 Megapixel that delivers brilliant pictures.
  • The new CS35 reaches an increased operating time of up to 14 hours.


New Leica CS35 field tablet with IP55 water prove  Digitizer Pen GDZ76

Q3 – When will the new revision model and the Pen be introduced?

It depends on the country when the CS35 revision model will be available. There will be a transition phase starting from now to late this year. By the end of 2017, the new CS35 model will be available in most countries worldwide. The new water resistant Digitizer Pen GDZ76 can be ordered already now.

Danuta Kusber, product manager at Leica Geosystems

Danuta Kusber, product manager at Leica Geosystems

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