Supporting every business with Active Customer Care

As digital transformation takes place in every industry, the training and support that our customers need from us is evolving. ‘New-to-scanning’ industries are discovering how reality capture can transform their businesses, while experienced surveying customers are finding new ways to use our products and services. We’re here to help every step of the way with our Active Customer Care program. Here we explain why Active Customer Care is built around users’ needs, whether they have a long background in professional surveying or are picking up a laser scanner for the first time.

Training and support needs in traditional surveying industries

Like many industries, the construction industry is undergoing a digital revolution, as we see traditional tools and processes replaced with faster and more accurate digital ways of working. Digital has huge potential to save time and money, but as with any change in processes or new way of working, it can be daunting to learn new skills. We know not everyone feels like a technology expert, so as well as making tools that are as easy to use as possible, we recognise our responsibility to provide comprehensive training and support. For professionals using our digital tools for the first time we provide user-tailored on-site training to get instruments set-up and to teach all of the main functions. We also have online training for general knowledge about our solutions and how they operate, and how to stay up to date with any new features or functionality.

Supporting new use cases in Public Safety 

In less traditional industry sectors for reality capture, new uses are being found all the time. One example is public safety. 3D laser scanning or High-Definition Surveying has become a trusted resource for Forensics and Public Safety applications, preserving crime and accident scenes, documenting and providing court-ready evidence, and ensuring every detail is captured. This technology has changed how police, firefighters, and other public safety professionals work. As technology evolves, the user base is growing. The benefits of using 3D laser scanners – accuracy, speed, high definition – apply to any situation where it’s essential to capture details, from a crime scene to a fire scene or crash site. Through Active Customer Care, we work closely with our customers in this sector, providing hands-on training on using our equipment in specific scenarios and correctly capturing a scene based on their requirements.







Expanding to new sectors with Virtual Reality

As reality capture becomes more well-known generally, complete newcomers to the technology see how it could help their businesses. Sectors like real estate are using it for walkthroughs, museums use it in creating 3D VR exhibits and education companies are using reality capture in virtual training. For example, Reality in Virtual Reality Ltd. (RiVR), a developer of VR experiences, enhances the way people learn by offering immersive training and educational programmes for all industries.

Reality capture has many uses within real estate – from property valuation to creating remote 3D tours of buildings for potential buyers and even virtual staging. Estate agents can use imaging laser scanners like the Leica BLK360 to create 360° imagery and immersive VR content and create and verify floor plans, area measurement reports and conditions reports. UK company Pupil believes 3D laser scanning and technology will not only redefine the future of the built environment and the way properties are valued and transacted, but also deliver data that powers countless other applications in and around interior space. Active Customer Care services are highly valuable to those using reality capture in new ways and we support customers like Pupil and RiVR with training and advice while they develop new services for their customers.

Supporting success

We are proud of the way that our technology helps our customers to develop new services and to solve problems in new ways. No matter how our technology is used, or which sector it is used in, customer care and product support are critical factors for our customers’ success. To make sure that our customers have the best experience, we ensure that the support we offer stays in-line with their changing needs.

Customer Care Packages

The wide range of Leica Geosystems’ support and professional services has been carefully organised into a series of Customer Care Packages (CCPs). All Packages include customer support and software maintenance, with different durations and additional coverage levels available to make it easy for customers to choose the support and services that best suit their particular requirements and budgets.

Preventative maintenance and product care

A crucial part of our customer care is providing services to keep equipment in great condition, whether that’s a repair to rebuild a dropped instrument, or preventative maintenance before anything goes wrong. Periodic preventative maintenance carried out by experienced technicians minimises downtime and ensures that instruments operate reliably – confirmed with Calibration Certificates. We offer several different levels of maintenance cover, to suit different use cases. As well as keeping products operating as they should, having a full service history also helps products to retain their future sale value if a customer later wants to upgrade.

myWorld customer portal

To put customers in control of their device management, we created the Leica Geosystems’ aftersales portal myWorld. There, customers can access information about their products, training materials and manage service requests at any time. For example, customers can use the portal to view the complete service history of their products, create support requests online that are promptly answered by skilled professionals and perform automatic on-line software updates easily.

Leica Geosystems’ commitment

Our role is not only to create technical solutions but to provide training and support so that our users can make the best of their investment and use it to its full potential. That is our commitment to our customers, a true partnership through a full circle of Active Customer Care support and services around the globe.

For more information about our customer support, visit our Active Customer Care website or contact your local Leica Geosystems representative.


Almut Felde

Product Manager

Active Customer Care

Leica Geosystems Ag



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