The Digital Revolution in Construction

With the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the use of 3D data-rich models in the design and coordination phases of projects increasing every month, what does the future hold for Construction?

Technology is an enabler that allows BIM to be implemented throughout the process, from design office software, through to connected instruments on the construction site. The dynamic flow of data between office and site bridges the gap, allowing the digital world to better represent and interact with reality

Historically, the Construction industry has had more of a ‘get it done‘ mentality, but the need for more collaborative digital processes that connect both the site and office are increasingly in demand.

According to the Harvard Business Review the industry itself has fallen behind in its advancement of digital technology, 2nd last compared to other sectors.

By taking the principles and practice learnt through BIM out of the office and into the field, companies can reduce the mistakes and costly errors that blight today’s industry.

The trend I see reflects what is happening in our every day lives – the digital revolution and the shift from analogue to digital! The simplest example I can give is that of the tape measure, an invaluable tool on every Construction project around the world. It is however an analogue tool that relies heavily on the ability of the user to interpret and document the results. Where feasible, should we aim to move this analogue process into the digital age?

Laser distance measurement devices or DISTOs provide part of the solution, with the ability to record much larger distances in a digital format, and with a connection to a SMART device, the devices can bring the information back into the office. This provides the user with a trusted and reliable data-set.

Technology like this is only an enabler for change and relies on a wider culture shift and simultaneous changes in the people that use it, and the process in which it sits. The digital revolution, along with BIM, will drive this change and improve the way we construct our built environment.

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Mark King, BIM solutions manager at Leica Geosystems

Mark King, BIM solutions manager at Leica Geosystems


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