The Trinity for Smart Construction with Skanska

Skanska Construction is one of the top global construction firms with a 2021 revenue of $15B and 30,000 employees. At this year’s 2022 HxGN Live conference, Olof Hellborg, Project Manager at Skanska, and Kevin Holmes, Vice President of Building Solutions for Hexagon Geosystems reveal how Skanska is facing the challenges faced in the construction industry.

Olof has over 24 years of experience and is currently on the Trinity for Smarter Construction project, which is investigating ways to create seamlessly integrated data management for Skanska’s projects and personnel. Kevin Holmes has more than 30 years of experience developing and implementing workflow improvements in the construction industry.


Information Silos in the Construction Industry

As Olof mentions, the majority (90%) of data collected on construction projects (materials, scans, models, scheduling tools, project management tools) remain unused, creating information silos within project teams. There’s a great opportunity for the industry to bring all of that data together and bring forward the relevant information. Skanska is using HxGN Smart Build to connect the model, cost, and schedule of their projects to connect the work that’s being done in the office with the work that’s being done in the field. Costs, timeline, and documents are in a uniquely presented in an easy to use, intuitive dashboard.


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