The utilities industry is moving away from “We’ve always done it this way.”

The way infrastructure and assets are installed and managed is, by nature, a physical process, and so it has been left relatively unchanged, while other areas undergo digital transformation.

But that’s set to change.

According to a study carried out by PWC on senior executives from 29 leading utilities, 59% said that investment in operations, asset management, and analytics is a high priority for their business.

Many utility organisations are already looking at ways to transform their asset management. In Switzerland, Swissgrid focuses on an end-to-end digital solution for the first time, creating digital records of lines and substations using the latest detection technologies.

Every progressive, successful utility project is adopting a digital way of working. It enables you to locate, record, and measure assets with the highest accuracy, reducing the risk of human error, resulting from using traditional methods.

By capturing precise measurements, the first time around, you don’t need to revisit the site at a later date to remeasure, saving you time, and increasing efficiency and productivity in your projects.

Using the latest Leica Geosystems detection technologies, localising underground assets becomes a simple and efficient task, increasing crews’ safety on-site and assuring protection of buried utilities, ultimately minimising health and safety risks, unplanned costs, and downtime. Leica Geosystems Detection Solutions provide the most streamlined and integrated detection process in the field, covering avoidance, verification and mapping workflows combined with positioning systems and machine control.

To find out more about adopting digital ways of working to improve productivity and deliver efficiency savings, download the e-book ‘Shape the future: Achieve a digital utility network’.

Andre Fischer

Regional Sales Manager

Leica Geosystems

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