Top 10 webinars to bring surveying services to the next level

Whether you are a seasoned surveyor or getting started in the profession, this list of webinars will get you up to speed to develop or refresh new skills and discover technologies that can allow your business to offer new services.

Technologies like MultiStations and Reality Capture sensors allow us to collect vast quantities of data, however, it’s not just about the collection of the data, it’s how this data is processed and transferred into a format that others can use to make meaningful decisions.

Are you ready to take your site surveys to the next level? Click on the links below to watch any of the webinars on demand.

  1. Increasing productivity and collaboration with the Leica Geosystems Total Software Solution

In this webinar, Leica Geosystems’ HDS Software Product Management team and the experts at Malcolm Hollis building survey consultants discuss strategies for streamlining the adoption and deployment of laser scanning for firms of any size.

Learn how to pick the right laser scanning solution for your firm, best practices for data collection to streamline work in the office, data management best practices and how to enable collaboration and communication through technology.

  1. Improve your Scan2BIM process with solutions from Leica Geosystems

Learn how you can use reality capture data for construction projects and identify and resolve irregularities early on, which ensures better build quality aligned to BIM principles.

  1. Using multiple scanners on projects: how to combine Leica Geosystems HDS hardware and software solutions for ultimate project productivity

This webinar discusses how users can get the most out of their projects by combining the RTC360, the BLK360 and Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 software as a system solution and learn from real-life project workflows.

This 1-hour webinar is for existing users wanting to consolidate their knowledge on the latest Leica Geosystems reality capture solutions or new users wanting to learn how to realise productivity gains with Leica Geosystems reality capture solutions.

  1. 7 Best practice tips for AEC and building documentation

In this webinar, we discuss ways to maximise efficiency when laser scanning for rapid analysis as well as long-term data utilisation throughout AEC. Building Construction Laser Scanning expert, Clair Vander Zwaag, also shares seven top tips to maximise planning, data capture and delivery to the client.

  1. Applications of laser scanning – entertainment to engineering

Look at different applications of laser scanning through a mix of projects from entertainment to engineering. See how data can be used to provide meaningful information and improve the efficiency of projects.

Surveying solutions provider Coenradie, shared how they generate fully registered point clouds which can be used to provide meaningful deliverables and can be easily shared with everyone involved. Coenradie also discusses how they generate and interpret outputs, such as 3D meshes and deviation reports to help make informed decisions for their projects.

  1. How to complete high-speed site surveys with wearable reality capture

In this 60-minute webinar, Frank Collazo from Leica Geosystems walks you through the workflows of the Leica Pegasus:Backpack wearable mobile mapping solution. You’ll learn how to evaluate data sets correctly to determine whether mobile mapping is a good fit for your projects, how to plan effectively to achieve the best outcomes and how to get a fast ROI with the right business approach, among other tips. Plus, you’ll hear how Wantman Group and Tukuh Technologies have expanded their capabilities through backpack mapping in an interactive Q&A session.

  1. Building a virtual highway: How ODOT captures intelligence with mobile mapping

In this webinar, Chris Glantz, Lead Remote Sensing Surveyor in the Geometronics Unit at ODOT, provides a behind-the-scenes look at how mobile mapping informs basic operations and provides high-value intelligence across the agency. Hear how ODOT uses mobile mapping for vertical clearance measurement, collision reconstruction and pavement marking analysis.

Whether you work for a transportation department, handle contracts from state agencies, or want to learn about new opportunities in 3D mapping, this is a webinar you won’t want to miss.

  1. How to supercharge your surveying with a MultiStation

Do you wonder, what sets the MultiStation apart from other scanning total stations? Or when to use a MultiStation vs. a full-dome laser scanner? Discover why so many surveying and engineering firms rely on a MultiStation as a must-have surveying tool.

Listen in to the on-demand webinar hosted by Peyton Hatch, Instrument Specialist at Kuker-Ranken, where he gave us his insight into how and where a MultiStation adds value, how advances in field and office software streamline survey workflows and how companies are using the MultiStation in complex engineering and design applications.

  1. Leica GS18 T: True – tilt compensated GNSS

Do you know what the GS18 T is and how does it work? Check out how the world’s fastest GNSS RTK rover, immune to magnetic disturbances and calibration-free will speed up your time on site as you no longer need to level the bubble. This webinar with Mark Francis will also guide you through a collection of real-world examples in action to inspire you.

  1. Security update with Leica Geosystems

Discover the answers to securing your surveying equipment in this webinar with Graham Sharp and Mark Francis. Topics include the current situation, progress, new solutions and tips so you can do to secure your Leica Geosystems equipment.


By Renata Barradas, Communications Manager at Hexagon Geosystems

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