Why laser scanning is becoming so popular

Why is laser scanning becoming increasingly popular?

I’ve noticed how laser scanning is reaching even more markets than it currently serves. As well as gaining greater traction in ‘traditional’ application areas such as topographic surveying, engineering & infrastructure, and process plant; terrestrial laser scanning is being rapidly adopted by a range of diverse markets, including Building Information Modelling (BIM), Digital Construction, Interior Finishing and Forensics.

In addition to new markets, I am seeing new users who we might not necessarily refer to as ‘traditional surveyors’. These users are often referred to as ‘Reality Capture Technicians’ or ‘3D Documentation Engineers’. Laser scanning is fast changing the way we operate by responding to the need to create a truly accurate representation of reality for use in applications such as BIM.

BIM has the potential to become the biggest step change in the way that the construction, engineering and infrastructure industries operate since the industrial revolution – promising major benefits in terms of cost, accuracy and time to build.

Furthermore, laser scanning point cloud data can also help reduce down-time by creating as-built models of a project which can be merged with real-world data to validate designs and solve potential problems before they happen.

In the past, we’ve seen that securing point cloud accuracy in challenging conditions, such as adverse weather, has hindered the quality of the data captured. However, the latest scanners with IP54 environmental protection, sheltered mirror systems and advanced algorithms now know how to prevent this, enabling users to work in the most challenging conditions.

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This article was written by Paul Burrows.
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