3D Laser Scanning Technology On-Demand Webinars You Should Not Miss

We recently hosted several webinar sessions to share our technology insights during INTERGEO 2020 Digital, the world’s premier event for surveying and geoinformation. One of the major topics was how laser scanning solutions can help you to visualise any environment as it is so you can model with accuracy and precision.

Are you interested to learn more about 3D laser scanning? Click below to watch Leica Geosystems laser scanning product experts explaining how you can grow your business and improve your skills with laser scanning in these on-demand webinars:

Presenter: Peter Glueck

Leica Geosystems laser scanning solutions, consisting of the Leica RTC360 3D laser scanner, Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 mobile device field app and Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 post-processing office software, has become a common tool for professionals new to laser scanning to efficiently collect data and transform it into digital reality models. Learn more in this webinar to see the latest technology advancements, including an outlook on what’s to come.

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Presenter: Faheem Khan

Change is a constant. Our industries are constantly in motion. We are witnessing major technological advances underpinning the growth of reality capture solutions – a technology that supports digitalisation pursuits of industries as they turn to reality to improve safety, productivity and reduce costs. This webinar introduces Hexagon’s latest reality capture product portfolio and provides an overview on the field-to-finish, capture-to-complete workflows leveraged by reality capture users today to deliver final analysis and results.

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Presenter: Stephen Smith

The Leica BLK2GO is redefining how to scan for reality capture deliverables. Capturing the as-is conditions of a facility with 3D laser scanning is one of the most basic actions a manager or owner can perform to maximise efficiency in operations and maintenance over the facility’s lifespan. The BLK2GO easily captures spaces large and small. In this webinar, we show you the fastest and easiest way to capture your project and the power of using a handheld imaging laser scanner, like the BLK2GO.

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