Discover the latest geospatial developments at HxGN LIVE 2017 – Featuring Single-Photon-LiDAR technology, efficient 3D data capturing and processing

This year’s Geospatial Solutions Sub-track offers an exciting line-up of unique speakers covering mapping and measurement projects from land, air and water; and demonstrations and special events surrounding airborne, UAV and mobile mapping solutions. Attendees will enjoy a wide range of presentations, network with several colleagues in the geospatial industry and gain insight into the latest developments in technology. Check out some of the highlights below and make sure you register ASAP!

User presentations and testimonials in the Geospatial Sub-track: State-of-the-art SPL technology – new CityMapper results – high-performance HxMap workflow

New results, applications, solutions from Leica SPL100 – Breakout Session by Marcos Sirota, CEO and President Sigma Space
The Leica SPL100 is the single photon LiDAR airborne sensor ideal for large area terrain mapping projects. Marcos presents updates on this revolutionary single-photon-LiDAR techonology.

Evaluation of the SPL100 Single Photon LiDAR System – Dr. Craig Glennie, Professor, University of Houston, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
LiDAR observations from systems with photon level sensitivity have recently garnered significant attention because of their innovative design and their potential to rapidly collect high resolution data over larger areas. To date, however, there has been little detailed analysis of the accuracy and stability of the point clouds obtained from these systems. Herein, we present an analysis and evaluation of airborne single photon LiDAR (SPL) data from the SPL100.

High efficient urban city mapping with Leica CityMapper in Florida – Mike Wernau, Program Manager, CP, Fugro
Fugro and Hexagon continue their long-time relationship with the introduction of Leica’s newest aerial survey system – CityMapper, a revolutionary hybrid sensor enabling reliable cost effective capture of high quality obliques, 4 band vertical imagery, and LIDAR in a single flight. The pressure to deliver maximum productivity while minimizing wasted effort has never been greater for aerial survey companies. CityMapper’s extremely efficient platform empowers the creation of feature rich 3D geospatial content of urban environments. Fugro details their real world experience, post-processed results and the products made possible with Leica’s CityMapper sensor system.

Fast, efficient, easy to use – processing CityMapper data with Leica HxMap – Kristin Klimek, Software Product Manager, Leica Geosystems
By adding support for the CityMapper sensor to HxMap, Leica Geosystems offers the foundation to easily create the base data for smart decisions in rapidly changing urban environments. Leica CityMapper is the world’s first hybrid airborne sensor specifically designed for urban mapping and smart 3D city applications.

Megatrends driving the need of shallow water mapping – Anders Ekelund, Vice President Airborne LiDAR, Leica Geosystems
Oceans produce about 50 per cent of the oxygen we breathe, and absorb roughly a quarter of our CO2 emissions. Increasing sea levels, growing populations and many more reasons will grow the need of coastal data to mitigate global warming and sea-level rise.

HxGN LIVE is the perfect time and place for getting an up-close look at the expansive portfolio of products and solutions and to receive deep insights in hands-on training and breakout sessions from the experts:

Processing Laser Scans into Plant Deliverables (Breakout session) – Belai Beshah, Vice President Software GSD and C&E Services, Leica Geosystems
The increased need for up-to-date geospatial information in many of the traditional applications as well as in emerging areas such as navigation or location based-apps requires a new approach to data processing: rapid updates over large areas in the shortest possible time.

New performance in image production – HxMap workflow (Hands-on Training) – Kristin Klimek, Software Product Manager, Leica Geosystems
Leica HxMap high-performance multisensory workflow is the fastest, most intuitive post-processing software suite for airborne operations. The increased need for up-to-date geospatial information in many of the traditional applications as well as in emerging areas such as navigation or location based-apps requires a new approach to data processing: rapid updates over large areas in the shortest possible time.

The Digital Geo exhibition area at HxGN LIVE will showcase solutions that capture and visualise multi-dimensional country-wide and urban data for mapping and planning, to help make better decisions, implement service-oriented, smart infrastructures and create detailed maps of urban assets:

  • Leica SPL100 captures LiDAR data over large areas at the lowest cost per data point using 100 outlet beams.
  • The Leica CityMapper is the world’s first hybrid airborne sensor combining oblique and nadir imaging as well as a LiDAR system into one sensor.
  • By introducing Leica HxMap, the unified high-performance multi-sensor workflow platform, Leica Geosystems offers exactly what the industry has been waiting for: a fast, intuitive and efficient post-processing platform that allows you to produce all known data products within one single interface.
  • The Hexagon Imaging and Content Program, available through the cloud, offers premium imagery captured with Leica Geosystems’ airborne sensors.
  • Leica Chiroptera II is a cost-effective coastal bathymetric LiDAR sensor, producing seamless data from land to water.
  • UAV solutions on daily live indoor demo inspection flights with Aibot X6 and DJI M210.
  • The Leica Pegasus:Backpack is an award-winning wearable reality capture sensor platform. It enables extensive and efficient indoor or outdoor documentation at a level of accuracy that is authoritative and professional.
  • At HxGN LIVE 2017 we host a hackathon event, where attendees will sit down to work with the software, but also brainstorm, ask questions, and receive demos.

Mark your calendar for a very special event!

Live tech panel discussion with industry experts – join us and send your questions via email or twitter

One of the most anticipated events of HxGN LIVE 2017 will be a future talk: The world in 3D – demand by a new growing market?, an expert panel discussion which will take place on Wednesday, June 14 at 1:30 – 2:30 pm.

John Welter, President Hexagon Geosystems, Geospatial Solutions Division, Switzerland
Anne Hale Miglarese, CEO Radiant Earth, Washington CD, USA
John Copple, CEO Sanborn, Colorado Springs, USA
Andy McGill, General Manager for Surveying and Remote Sensing, OSi, Ireland
Dr. Simon Musaeus, Managing Director, COWI, Denmark
Mark Meade, Senior Vice President, Quantum Spatial, USA

Google maps the world in 3D, but the Internet giant has even bigger plans for the future. Alphabet Inc. plans to digitally map the interiors of buildings in 3D down to a resolution of a few inches. Mapping company HERE, co-owned by German automotive companies Audi, BMW, and Daimler, uses a fleet of more than 200 cars to collect dense point cloud data of roads and building to generate a global 3D routing map. In the USA, the 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) is being developed to respond to the growing needs for high-quality topographic data.

Leica Geosystems has introduced the BLK360, the Leica CityMapper and the Leica SPL100, all of which contribute to mapping the world in 3D in their own special way. These new technologies beg questions of whether or not services and products are driven by the geospatial industry or if the demand is driven by new growing market segments?

During the Future Talk at HxGN LIVE, our panel of experts will answer all your questions around 3D! Submit your questions ahead of the conference to:

Click here to see all sessions in the HxGN LIVE 2017 Geospatial Solutions Sub-track and register now for the conference.

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