Exact scan of two cooling towers to compare as-built against design with Leica Nova MultiStation

Following the privatisation of the Hamitabat gas power plant in Turkey by Limak Holding, the company decided to modernise it to increase performance. The new owner wanted to continue using the two existing cooling towers, which were built in the mid-1980s. A condition survey was to be carried out to determine whether the cooling towers had deformed over the years due to the static  load, long period of use and the influences of weather. Heitkamp Ingenieur- und Kraftwerksbau GmbH was commissioned with determining the actual radii of the inner and outer shells of both cooling towers at an interval of every 2 metres and to compare them to the planned radii. Using the Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation gave Heitkamp decisive advantages.

The Hamitabat gas power plant generates 1,200 MW of power. The two cooling towers are 135 metres high and have a diameter between 67 metres at the narrowest point and 101 metres at the widest. They were surveyed entirely via 3D laser scan by Achim Hoffstiepel, Technical Director of Engineering Surveying, and his team, Marvin Diehl (M.Sc.) and Dennis Alius (B.Eng.).

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