Top 5 tips concerning Leica Geosystems Original Accessories from Accessories Product Manager Gerhard Soenser


5 tips about You have the best equipment and now the best accessories to go along with it. Leica Geosystems has made their products extremely user friendly and their accompanying accessories all fit into the solution as one neat package, so there shouldn’t be any more questions…right?

Right! Still I would like to share some answers to a few questions you still might have or help by giving you some tips about accessories that probably never crossed your mind yet will  make your user experience more complete. These are my top 5 tips of “where to find”, “how-tos” and “did you know” information:

1. Not sure which configuration fits into a GNSS container?
This is a question that often comes up. To help you, we have provided a list showing which combination of instruments and accessories fit into which containers.
Click on the link below for a PDF of this list:

2. Did you know that the backpack carrying system GVP716 (833516) is backwards compatible?
The GVP716 is compatible with all large GNSS and accessories containers and with all previous total station containers, including the upright containers which are used for TS/MS60.
Even the GVP710 Transport Box Light (805221) for the ScanStation Cxx/Pxx fits into the GVP716.


3. How to setup an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for GNSS/TPS
If you plan to set up a temporary monitoring or GNSS project and need to be sure of uninterrupted power, the newly released GEB371 (818916) external battery can be used in together with a GEV277 Y-cable and the designated power supply GEV242. In case of a power failure, this combination will allow your monitoring projects up to 48 hours of power.


4. How to choose the right accessories for your instrument?
When working with Leica Geosystems instruments, it makes sense to use the Leica Geosystems accessories. Why? Because they are perfectly aligned with each other and make up a finely tuned, optimised package. Your instruments will produce the very best, professional results  with the reliability you expect.  On the last page of the Leica Geosystems Accessories, you will find a folded leaflet on the last page of the Leica Geosystems Accessories catalogue, showing an overview of Leica Geosystems instruments and the accessories recommended for them. I strongly recommend you take a look at this list before selecting your tripod, tribrach and prisms, as well as electric and electronic accessories.

To download the Original Accessories Catalogue click on this link:

5. How to extend the lifetime of a battery?
Very important – never store batteries in a hot place. For example leaving a battery in your car in summer can harm the cells and significantly shortening its lifetime. Always keep them in a cool and dry place to ensure their lifetime.
Also – never leave a battery in a stored instrument. Even when switched off, an instrument can still drain some power from a battery. Over a period of time, this will lead to a deep-charging status and harm or even destroy a battery.


For more info on Original Leica Geosystems Accessories, please click on this link

Gerhard Soenser
Product Management Accessories



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