#ILookLikeAnEngineer: Meet Leica Geosystems female engineers

With women accounting for 25% of the workforce, with 10% in strictly engineering positions, Hexagon Geosystems recognises the unique perspective and strength women bring to the organisation. 

In August, Isis Anchalee, a full-stack engineer with OneLogin, started a social media movement when she introduced the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer. Attacked across the Internet for a company recruiting campaign she appeared in, Anchalee penned a short essay to share her experience. The essay and the hashtag went viral and has been used across social media ever since to promote equality.

In honour of our own hardworking female engineers, we introduce you to some below who are making strides in the measurement profession every day.



Oana Danielescu, originally from Romania, is a surveying engineer in the Geomatics Division. She recently worked on the newest Leica Captivate software release



Ana Tresch, originally from Croatia, is an applications engineer in the Geomatics Division. She played an integral part in the development of Leica GeoMoS monitoring programs.








Also a part of the GeoMoS team, Ivana is working as an application engineer. In her free time she enjoys sailing, hiking and many other different sports.

Also a part of the Leica GeoMoS team, Ivana Dabanovic is an application engineer hailing from Croatia. She enjoys sailing, hiking and many other different sports.





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