Accurate asset inventory enables effective asset management

The project was to create a system for the collection and storage of asset inventory data based upon ESRI ArcGIS and the Leica Zeno 15 GIS handheld,and evaluate with respect to ease of use and geospatial accuracy.

The completion of an MSc in Geospatial and Mapping Sciences at the University of Glasgow was the main driving force behind this project. It seemed sensible to base it on the creation and evaluation of a system which could be beneficial to Estates Technical Surveyor Colin Bradford’s employer North Ayrshire Council.After investigation into existing data standards and user requirements, Leica Zeno Field data capure software customisation was carried out with respect to toolbars and attribute data input forms. A parent map was created in ArcGIS and all necessary elements including asset layers, symbology, background mapping etc. were output to the Zeno 15 GIS data collector by means of the ESRI AXF format.


Read the full story here.

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