Digitising construction workflows with the new iCONstruct field software

Time and price pressure is an increasing factor on today’s construction sites. This means construction processes and site personnel need to be and work more efficient and productive. To improve this situation, tasks which were in the past traditionally reserved to surveyors only, need to be done by the site workers directly in order to save time and costs. Due to the increasing need in the construction industry for easy-to-use site positioning systems we created iCONstruct field– the central software interface for our iCONstruct field solution.

Our iCONstruct field solution offers ruggedised field controllers, tailor made 3D positioning sensor, such as GNSS and TPS for measuring tasks on all construction sites, and field software with unmatched simplicity for construction workflows. Intelligent and easy-to-use construction driven workflows will enhance the performance and productivity and will increase the profitability of all construction site personnel.

With its tailor made workflows and dedicated positioning sensors daily construction tasks like for example as-built checks, stakeout of points, lines, slopes and surfaces, calculation of stockpile or pit volumes, stakeout of road designs etc., can be easily executed.

In addition, the iCONstruct field solution can be used not only for construction surveying tasks but also for in vehicle foreman configuration and even basic machine indicator guidance.

7 reasons that make iCONstruct field your best software choice:

  1. Visualise the data in many different possible views including a 3D viewer, and interact with the design and measured data.
  2. Select all data elements directly on the map.
  3. Learn fast- The software is easy-to-use and provides a steep learning curve when being trained on.
  4. Get the output information that your customer requires by customising the software according to your needs.
  5. Select applications for different tasks with tailored construction workflows.
  6. Visualise and use BIM data in the field– iCONstruct field is the first field software for construction workers to offer this feature.
  7. Use the same software, controller and sensors for off-machine and entry level machine guidance.

Leica iCON site Controller & Screen 0317 - 800x428Who is the iCONstruct field for?

The iCONstruct field solution aims towards all non-surveying site professionals who need accurate site positioning information to fulfil their daily tasks. Our customers are working on Heavy Construction and building construction sites. These are foreman, site supervisors, grade checkers, quantity surveyors, machine operators and construction workers. They are united in the necessity to perform their tasks independent, fast and precise.

When will the product be available?

In mid-January the new Leica iCON Layout Objects app to support BIM designs in our field software was announced at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas. Now in early March, again in Las Vegas, we announced the new indicator machine support for scarpers, dozer and tractors in our iCON Surface Pilot option at the ConExpo exhibition. With many more new workflows, features and improvements such as for example our new iCON Data Prep version, the new free simulator, improved coding, and a new workflow to stakeout lines, we are pleased to release iCONstruct field v3.5 on April 4th.

All new iCONstruct field products delivered from April 4th will come pre-loaded with the new version v3.5, and all existing customers having a valid maintenance contract can download the new version from our myWorld customer portal.

Potential new customers who are interested in our iCONstruct field software can download the new free simulator here and install it on their PC and try out the user interface and workflows.

How iCONstruct will integrate into my fleet?

The iCONstruct field software is running on a field controller or directly on a manual or robotic total station. The software features a seamless integration of all iCON TPS and GNSS sensors, and a direct import and export of a wide variety of data formats. The data exchange between iCONstruct field and Leica Geosystems machine control systems, Leica ConX cloud service and Leica Geosystems office solutions is speeding up work processes.

 The software that speaks machine control language

Before we released our dedicated iCONstruct field solution in 2012 we identified that there was actually no field software which speaks construction language and is simplified and tailor made to construction workflows. By keeping the software simple, reducing functionality and settings to the minimum needed, using pre-configurations and tailored workflows, we enable construction site personnel to use latest state-of-the-art Leica Geosystems positioning sensors technology in order to fulfil their given tasks. In addition, this solution will help to digitise the construction workflows.

To learn more about the Leica iCON click here.

Machine Control

Matthias Schmidt Product Specialist iCONstruct Field Software – Machine Control Division Leica Geosystems AG e-mail: matthias.schmidt@leica-geosystems.com

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