Greenland’s Melting Glaciers

The  accelerated melting of Greenland glaciers is a constant reminder of how quickly our Earth is changing. They are in constant motion and melting much faster than previously anticipated. The Greenland glacier melting also has a more significant effect on the global sea level rise because they are eroding quicker than other glaciers in the world.


Farouk Kadded, Project Manager from Leica Geosystems France, and Luc Moreau Glaciologist and Geophysigist in based in Besançon, France, believe that there is a reason that these glaciers melt quicker than in other regions of the world. Using the Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation and the Leica Viva  GS14, they set out to prove that the size of the glacier plays an important role in how fast they melt.

Watch this exciting video available in German or French .


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