Improving documentation and quality control in a BIM environment

3D reality capture is a technology that has the potential to save Building Information Modelling (BIM) experts time and money, making many manual BIM processes more efficient, from the accuracy of construction documentation to design and build quality assurance.

This latest laser scanning technological developments improve understanding and documentation of the built environment through the use of millimetre-accurate laser scanning and High-Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery to create high definition 3D digital environments that can be explored, measured and annotated.

Getting more out of BIM with 3D reality capture

Ensure quality and accuracy of build through scanning and comparison to design at various stages of the build :

  • Improve quality assurance from design to build
  • Handover detailed and staged documentation of the project for future updates and maintenance
  • Increase on and off-site collaboration through sharing of highly accurate project data
  • Improve safety and efficiency by reducing the number of site visits required through planning and designing off-site with accurate data
  • Quickly and easily sign-off on stage payments with clear and accurate documentation of each construction stage.

Complete visibility from site to office

The Leica RTC360 laser scanner is a fast, agile and precise 3D reality capture solution that empowers BIM managers to enhance the accuracy and understanding of their projects.

Using edge computing, environments can be scanned in a matter of minutes, with previews of data and imagery viewable on-site directly to a tablet, enabling scans to be checked and verified before heading back to the office. This improves accuracy of the data captured and avoids time wasted through return visits to capture missed areas.

The RTC360 reality capture solution offers BIM managers:

  • To-the-millimetre accuracy in minutes
  • Detailed, actionable and annotated 3D models of your complete projects
  • Scan at various stages to document hidden services and features for future reference
  • Reduce costs, changes and on-site issues with fewer measurement inaccuracies
  • Assure build quality through comparison between design and as-built.

This exciting technology empowers BIM managers to measure and visualise their projects in detail, delivering complete asset documentation in high-definition 3D with millimetre accuracy.

Simply visualise and annotate a site in high-definition 3D for stakeholders, engineers and designers.

With complete visibility, any changes are actionable in the model and easily visualised if the site is scanned at the correct stages of the project. This drives workflows and ensures the entire project team is more effective and productive from site to office.

Learn more about 3D reality capture solutions and how they can improve project documentation and quality assurance: LEARN MORE

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Michelle Byrne Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Terrestrial Laser Scanning Global Product Marketing Communications, Reality Capture Division

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