Leica Nova MultiStation adding real customer value

WestLAND Group, Inc., founded in 2000 in Rancho Cucamonga, California, spent years looking for the right 3D laser scanner. The firm had a definite need for various projects. But thre want’s a huge deamnd; buying a dedicated scanner seemed like too much of an investment. Also, WestLAND’s topography and as-built survey workflow is already quite efficient; ideally, scanning would fit into and extend this workflow, not be a separtate solution with parallel-but-separate field and office-workflows.

So Mike Angelo, Vice President of the Geomatics department, looked with special interest at the first instruments that combined total stations and scanners into one housing. He wasn’t impressed. “The ones we looked at just didn’t provide the speed, point density and precision that we needed. On the occasions we needed a scanner, we needed a complete high-definition solution.”

That changed in December 2013, when WestLAND took delivery of a Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation. Click here to read the full TruStory.

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