Manual total stations designed for surveyors: Simplify demanding surveying and stakeout tasks with FlexLine Manual Total Stations

Building on Leica Geosystems’ legacy of quality and reliability, the FlexLine series harnesses technological advances to provide surveyors with an integrated workflow to achieve the best performance results.

Application-based FlexLine TS03, TS07, and TS10 manual total stations enable efficient surveying and detailed stakeouts, making even the most difficult surveying tasks simple and easy.

Leica Captivate (onboard the TS10) and Leica FlexField (onboard the TS03/TS07) intelligent field software enable surveyors to not just see data but experience it. Surveyors can manage complex information with little more than a simple swipe and increase efficiency by sharing field-to-office data more quickly.

Leica Infinity is a versatile office software that ensures surveyors always have direct access to the right data in the field and office. With it, you can transparently prepare, process and combine all survey data. This gives all teams control and an overview of the entire project.

In this blog, we explore FlexLine’s revolutionary AutoHeight feature and simplified workflow proven to improve productivity. We also look at the reasons behind what makes FlexLine manual total stations a cost-effective investment.


The world’s first AutoHeight feature helps in fast and easy station setup

Available in TS10 as a standard and TS07 as an option, AutoHeight measures, reads, and sets up the instrument’s height automatically. A simple button press replaces the time-consuming and error-prone manual measurement procedure of the instrument height. As a result,  the operator can obtain accurate and reliable instrument heights while completing the station setup faster and more efficiently. For an in-depth exploration of the AutoHeight feature, please read this white paper.

Capture, Process, Deliver — Integrated end-to-end workflow solution

1.Capture data like never before

Designed for reliability even in the harshest conditions, the FlexLine manual total stations offer the highest quality and accuracy of raw data capture. Endless drives on both sides, trigger key, PinPoint EDM and more allow for faster measurement and stakeout procedures so surveyors can measure more points per day.

FlexLine’s data capture is facilitated with powerful onboard applications. The TS03 and TS07 models come with FlexField software, while the TS10 is equipped with Captivate on-board software. 

FlexField is an intelligent field software tool designed to improve productivity. It is easy to use and optimised with shortcuts to help surveyors work with speed and efficiency. For routine tasks, guided workflows reduce the time involved in setup and survey.

For a detailed overview of FlexField features, please visit here

With Captivate, even the most complex projects become easy and efficient with user-friendly touch technology and immersive 3D drawings. The software supports several apps, so it is versatile and adaptable across many surveying tasks.

With Leica Exchange, the cloud data exchange service embedded in Captivate, users can create groups and share files with team members. 

How does Leica Exchange work? 

2. Process and transfer data seamlessly with Infinity office software

Infinity is infinitely connected. The ability to connect field and office and its excellent data processing and sharing capabilities give all teams access to up-to-date information. Design teams can work on field datasets and quickly return the results to the field using Infinity. This powerful software supports countless workflows, and various types of data including BIM, CAD, GIS, and many others. Infinity thus empowers surveyors and design teams with control over all the data processing steps – visualising, collecting, processing, confirming, reporting, and sharing data back to the field. 

Further, Infinity stores raw data, processed results, deliverables and reports in one project, so accessing any data is always possible. Above all, with Infinity, you can confidently expand to new workflows within the same familiar interface. Always be confident of your data and the decisions you make based on it.

Now you can experience the power of Infinity at a very affordable annual subscription price. 

3. Deliver with confidence

The FlexLine solution brings together cutting-edge hardware-software capabilities and the power of onboard and field applications. With this integrated workflow, surveyors can efficiently capture, process, report, and share information like never before, no matter how complex the survey task.  

The result is superior quality deliverables’ and outstanding value for customers. 

But there is more

Achieve the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)

The TCO of a total station includes direct and indirect costs such as the purchasing price, the operational costs, support and service, maintenance and downtime as well as the lifetime of the instrument. When making a decision, it is imperative to look beyond the price and focus on the long-term perspective of your purchase.

The TS03, TS07, and TS10 are long-lasting and feature-rich manual total stations that offer exceptional durability with significantly improved productivity. Surveyors continue to get great value year after year. Here is how: 

  • Increased productivity – The AutoHeight feature automatically measures, reads and sets the instrument height, which minimises errors and accelerates the setup process onsite.
  • Enhanced collaboration – The 4G modem, an option for TS07 and TS10 creates a connected environment, allowing last-minute design changes to be quickly implemented in the field.
  • The FlexLine manual total stations are quality tested between -200C and +500C temperatures for enhanced environmental protection and IP66 rating coherence, ensuring reliable functioning even under harsh and extreme conditions. The outstanding quality and durability mean downtime is significantly reduced.
  • Tailored after-sales service – Thoughtfully designed Customer Care Packages (CCPs) ensure maximum value for investment. Our global service network of 292 certified local service partners spread across 98 countries ensures access to speedy service anytime, anywhere. 
  • Calibration certification is easy – ISO9001 certified companies need to periodically confirm their equipment’s measurement accuracy. Our local service partners are able to issue calibration certificates locally.  
  • High service standards – Setting the right service standards is crucial for performance. To ensure the same quality standards on a global scale, all our service partners are audited regularly.
  • Value stability – With Leica Geosystems’ unmatched quality and performance, the investment returns a steady value year after year. 

With FlexLine, you get more – more productivity, more value, and more earnings. FlexLine manual total station is a profitable investment, not a capital expenditure. They have earned their reputation as long-living ‘working horses’. 

Leica FlexLine – The trusted choice of surveyors

When you opt for a FlexLine manual total station, you get not only the world’s fastest manual instrument of the highest quality but also two centuries of experience helping surveyors do their jobs with precision and speed. Every day, thousands of surveyors worldwide rely on FlexLine for excellence in surveying tasks because the instruments offer the best of both worlds – performance and value.  

For more, download this white paper.


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