Moving BIM from design to the field: An introduction to The BIM Hub

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, has gained mass popularity in the civil engineering and architecture industry, but now construction professionals in the field are beginning to understand the value when it comes to projects like roads and other infrastructure assets.

Tahir Sharif, Hexagon Geosystems global BIM director, recently presented a thought leadership post on the move of BIM from design to field on The BIM Hub, an online community for professionals interested in BIM.

“BIM can be considered a thought process that governs work through various stages of the project in the shape of information that stays digital, consistent and coordinated,” wrote Sharif in the article that address the benefits of BIM in civil design and construction. “Hence, the chief benefits of BIM are that there is no duplication of information.  It is a constantly updated centralised database model and streamlined flow of information from field (survey) to design and finally to construction and maintenance/operations.”

To read the entire article, click here.

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