The top 5 benefits of cloud connectivity in heavy construction

A heavy construction site runs on data. Whether it’s design data, site maps, 3D surveys, or technical drawings, data is part of the daily operation. Therefore, proper data management becomes an increasingly important aspect of project management. It’s essential that every person on a construction site shares the same set of data. If they don’t, it becomes almost impossible for work to be carried out effectively, on time and on budget. Leica ConX is our user-friendly cloud-based collaboration platform for managing, sharing and visualising data. It connects an entire site and the office in real time, with huge benefits for every member of the team. And it supports most machine types such as excavators, dozers, drillers and dump trucks. From saving time to reducing re-work, we take a look at the five biggest benefits of creating a cloud-based connection between crews and machines on and off-site.

1. Save time by automatically keeping field crews up to date with the latest design data

On large construction projects, it’s common that once the work is underway there will be revisions or additions to site plans. If you don’t have a digitally connected site, then every change requires someone to drive between the office and the field to deliver the updated file on a USB stick. This time spent travelling is unproductive time that adds up, slowing down the project progress and upping costs. On a connected site, the office can send updated files via Leica ConX to all machine operators and field crew members on site instantly. The new data is available on the machines or instruments required and work can continue within a very short time. Unnecessary traffic on the site is also eliminated, making it a safer place.

2. Make progress tracking easier by connecting the field back to the office

With a cloud connection, data flows in every direction, not just to the site, but from the site back to the office. Leica ConX allows you to visualise all data in parallel, with information from machines and field crew devices automatically syncing to the platform in the background. Being able to receive results in real time makes it possible to remotely check productivity. You can validate the work that has been completed and that the results are to specification, without leaving the office. This enables quick decision making and adopting the plan based on when/how work is being completed.

3. Reduce delays with immediate access to remote support

Jacob Daniel, GPS Data Manager at RV and Associates explains, “The technology that we rely on the most for data management is Leica ConX. Why it’s so critical to us is we’re able to organise files on Leica Geosystems cloud service and be able to access it anywhere we are. So if one of the guys is having issues in the field, I’m able to log straight into their tablet and take control and fix the errors that might be on there. I can see what’s happening; if there’s a model issue, I can see it in real time.” You can also use Leica ConX to access remote technical support from Leica Geosystems for any software or connected-hardware issue. Simply phone for support and a Leica Geosystems expert can immediately login, see what you’re seeing, and take control. It’s as effective as having physical support, which could take hours or even days to reach you depending on the location of the site.

4. Reduce costly rework by increasing accuracy and confidence

Leica ConX allows you to see and share information from crew devices, such as Leica iCON sensors or Leica Captivate, and Leica Geosystems machine control solutions. Monitoring machine control operations remotely – e.g., by providing reference data to operators and grade checkers – is one way to ensure you avoid costly rework. You make sure the machine is working to the latest information and ensure a great machine operator experience. David Overland, Project Manager at RV and Associates explains: “The biggest advantage is that now the operator knows with confidence what he’s doing. He might have heard about a change or about some kind of design that’s coming through the pipeline. Now he knows it’s right in front of him. And so he’s not going to be guessing. He’s going to know with confidence that this is exactly what he’s supposed to be doing.”

5. Reduce complexity with integrations for third-party platforms

Leica ConX is designed to fit into your existing workflows and work with any software platforms that you already use. We offer APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for Leica Geosystems or third-party software solutions, software services or cloud services to be able to connect to ConX. For example, you can send design data and receive as-built results back using Leica Infinity geospatial office software or Leica iCON Office data preparation software. These workflows are helpful if you are using your own software too; you don’t need to log in to the ConX web interface to retrieve data, you can do this within other popular heavy construction software programs.


Complexity, lack of clarity on work progress, and time constraints can become challenging in heavy construction projects, but cloud connectivity alleviates the day-to-day pressures on-site with streamlined data management. Leica ConX provides the fast and easy-to-use tools you need to get the job done quicker, more efficiently and to specification. Have all your project information visualised in real time for full transparency and sharing, excel against your competitors with enhanced productivity and boost your revenue for better business performance.

Leica ConX cloud connectivity

Cloud connectivity in heavy construction sites, enabled by Leica ConX.

Stay connected and stay productive! For more information about Leica ConX and other Leica Geosystems heavy construction solutions for specific machine types, visit our machine control solutions page.

Michele Costa

Product Manager, ConX

Leica Geosystems



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