The ultimate Leica ScanStation “how-to” guides: White papers and videos

In the coming weeks, we will be posting four very useful white papers on Leica ScanStations P30 and P40. In addition, we have added a few interesting videos that correspond with the white papers.
The first to be posted, “Leica ScanStation Accuracy and Quality Assurance: Details that Matter” summarises some of the steps taken in service and in manufacturing in order to ensure accuracy specifications are met, using the Leica ScanStation P40 as an example. Similar steps have been applied to the creation of all P-series and C-series scanners.

Leica Geosystems’ senior product manager, Greg Walsh, explains, “Leica Geosytems laser scanners come with data sheets that list features like a tilt compensator, high dynamic range imaging, angular and range accuracy.  We created these papers to better explain these and related terms and why they are important to the practical, everyday use of laser scanners.”

Here’s the link to our first white paper “Leica ScanStation P-Series HDR”
And the link to the corresponding two videos:

ScanStation interview with Bernd Walser, chief engineer Systems HDS™ at Leica Geosystems  discussing Calibration
Julien Singer, electronics design engineer at Leica Geosystems, interview on Leica ScanStation P40 EDM


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