Unlocking Geospatial Success: Key Insights from Top Five Surveying Blogs

In our roundup of the top five must-read surveying blogs, we bring you detailed stories of surveying industry leaders such as Veris, ISGroup, Zenith Survey, BDM, and TWM, who have successfully mastered various technological evolutions. From Australian spatial data services to Dutch reality capture solutions, these blogs delve into various topics such as automation, staff empowerment, sustainability, connectivity, innovative marketing strategies, and the transformative power of technologies like 3D laser scanning. Each blog offers invaluable lessons and strategies to help your surveying business flourish, making them powerful resources for surveyors everywhere.

Dive into these five blogs to unlock your business’ surveying potential and steer your firm to the forefront of geospatial innovation.

  1. Key Tips for Success by ISGroup CEO Bruce Baker

Dive into an exclusive interview with Bruce Baker, CEO of ISGroup, and uncover insightful tips for geospatial business growth, strategic hiring, and winning new business.

ISGroup’s unique approach to marketing and strategy offers inspiring methods to advance any geospatial business. Bruce reveals key recommendations, which include structuring for growth, leveraging brand recognition, tailoring services to unique client needs, and recruiting from within. Providing insights on how to maximise the productivity of sales teams and implement effective marketing strategies, this blog serves as an essential guide for businesses looking to innovate and evolve. The strategies discussed encompass a comprehensive understanding of clients’ needs, nurturing team skills, and employing the right technologies.

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  1. Navigating Geospatial Changes with Zenith Survey

Join an engaging conversation with Odd Nohr of Zenith Survey and journey through their technological adaptation in the ever-evolving geospatial landscape.

Explore the journey of Zenith Survey in navigating unique challenges with high data volumes in Norwegian surveying projects, which they tackle with innovative data exchange solutions like iCON and HxGN GeoCloud. The blogs also delve into Zenith Survey’s significant tunnelling projects, revealing how they efficiently cope with complex tasks by leveraging technology. Odd Nohr emphasises the crucial role of adaptability in the industry and expects future technologies to demand a transformative mindset. He also expresses optimism about the impact of technology in surveying, envisaging limitless possibilities. This blog serves as inspiration for delivering efficient and safety-conscious civil engineering surveying services.

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  1. A Journey Beyond Traditional Surveying with Veris

Embark on a transformational journey with Veris, an Australian spatial data services provider, and grasp the challenges, benefits, and future of technology in surveying.

Through an exclusive discussion with Michael Shirley, Veris’ CEO, it provides a holistic view of the changing surveying landscape, particularly highlighting the challenges faced by firms and the benefits of technology in overcoming them. Seven key lessons are offered, discussing the vital need for adaptability in the face of intense competition, ways to unlock the growth potential of data, strategies for staff recruitment and retention, the value of automation, the role of sustainability beyond internal practices, and the growing importance of reality capture technologies. Serving as both a case study and guide, this blog underscores how technology, rooted in traditional surveying, prompts innovation and shapes the future of spatial data services.

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  1. Maximising Reality Capture Solutions: Insights from BDM

Witness the success story of Brandsma Digitaal Meten (BDM), a Dutch surveying company that effectively harnessed multiple reality capture solutions for superior service delivery.

With a keen focus on combining technologies, BDM uses a range of Leica Geosystems hardware and software, including iCON, surveying total stations, terrestrial laser scanners, and UAV systems. This blog provides a detailed understanding of BDM’s process – from capturing data using various laser scanners tailored to specific client needs through post-processing data to creating detailed 3D models. A strong emphasis is placed on collaborations through platforms like Leica JetStream and Leica TruView, enabling efficient data sharing and visuals with stakeholders. Rein Brandsma, founder of BDM, further demonstrates the effectiveness of these techniques in several intriguing company projects.

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  1. Unlocking Surveying Potential with TWM’s 3D Laser Scanning

Join Derek Twente from TWM as he shares strategic tips to optimise and diversify your surveying services via reality capture technology.

With a focus on integrating new technologies into existing workflows, investing in the right tools, educating clients about point cloud data, attracting skilled professionals, and exploring non-traditional surveying opportunities, Twente provides readers with a clear path to optimise and diversify their surveying services. The blog gives an elaborate account of how TWM, through meaningful implementation of 3D laser scanning, expanded its business with a significant revenue growth of approximately 900% from 2013 to 2021. Twente’s experiences and strategies serve as valuable lessons for surveying firms looking to incorporate and flourish with reality capture services.

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Our top five surveying blog roundup provides powerful stories and crucial insights from industry leaders. Their tales of innovation and technology mastery arm you with invaluable strategies to help your surveying business flourish.

Through learning, adapting, and innovating, let us shape the future of surveying innovation together.


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